Monday, February 26, 2007

Another example of working together to help a horse.

In Georgia, Rocket, a 5 year old, Quarter horse gelding with a seriously injured knee was looking for a home. His owner raced him on a local racing circuit for fast horses. It isn't a race track, just a bunch of people who get together and run their horses. I am afraid they do not have enough knowledge to realize that they are hurting their horses as they race them. I didn't have permanent space to keep Rocket but I could take him temporarily. Lori, from Sunkissed Acres Rescue, was recovering from a fire at her stables (no horses hurt there!) but she needed time to rebuild. She agreed to take Rocket but needed a month more to get some stalls rebuilt. I had Rocket picked up since his owner was going to shoot him because he couldn't be ridden. Shooting a horse is not illegal, though humane euthanasia is preferred.
Dr Duval, from Chattahoochee Equine Services, looked at Rocket's knee and thought he had injured his knee several months ago and the owner kept on racing until he knee was totally blown out. She said he was not in pain and could live a nice leisurely life in a flat pasture. I brought Rocket out to Sunkissed Acres February 23rd. He is happily going to be a companion to a blind horse on the farm.

Working With Other Rescue Organizations

Working together saves horses!

I have worked with other rescue organizations over the years and have always had positive results. Each rescue works differently and has different mission statements but the ultimate mission is to help the innocent animals.

January 2007, I took in a miniature horse that has dwarfism characteristics. He was going to auctioned with many other miniature horses at New Holland, Pennsylvania's infamous kill buyer auction. Many horses at New Holland go to slaughter, healthy or not, young or old, the buyers see a value per pound, not per horse.

The PA rescue group, AnotherChanceForHorses, purchased the dwarf colt and shipped him to Georgia because they knew I had plenty of experience with dwarf miniature horses. Working together saved this little horse called Rowdy.